Layer-by-layer clothing system of ТМ Rivla


Layer-by-layer clothing system of ТМ Rivla

ТМ Rivla offers clothes produced in the concept of "layer-by-layer" clothing and providing a tourist or fisherman with comfort in any cold and any activity. This clothing implies presence of two or three base layers of clothes on a man, one of which is base (for sweating), and the other one is external (protecting from precipitation). Physically, these layers can contain a few pieces of clothing within one layer as well as combinations of functions of one or two layers in one piece of clothing in dependence on the external conditions. The difference between these clothes and the clothes, which was used earlier, is the fact that their elements are developed together, not separately, thereby guaranteeing mutual compatibility and efficiency in use.

The thinner these layers are, the more accurate adjustment is. If the layers are properly coordinated, they can work interactively with each other.

Let’s see the most basic layers of the system:

Clothes Purpose How does it work?
1 layer (Thermal underwear ) Regulation quick-drying, rapid transfer of moisture from the body
2 layer (Fleece) Insulation insulation, a layer for cold temperature
3 layer (Membrane) Protection Provides reliable protection from wind and water


What to wear under membrane clothes

When using such clothing, it is necessary to observe the principle of multilayerity, clothing under the membrane should contain at least 10% of synthetics. After all, the meaning of membrane clothing is that it breathes and makes possible to remove excess of moisture, preventing a man from getting wet and freezing. The natural fabtics absorb sweat and do not remove it outside, but the synthetic materials do not absorb, they transfer moisture further.

What to wear under a membrane jacket

The first layer is underwear. It can be Fleece Level Comfort thermal underwear or an ordinary mixed t-shirt or a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater with content of at least 10% of synthetic materials, depending on the weather.

The second layer can be dressed depending on the weather and may be a special fleece jacket under the membrane jacket. You can buy a woolen sweater with synthetics.

The third layer is a membrane jacket.

RIVLA S3 WATERPROOF Jacket is demi-season (spring-autumn). Functional feature of this jacket is its possibility of its usage in the cold season with the additional heat insulated layer (jacket).