Care recommendations for membrane outwear


Care recommendations for membrane outwear

Care recommendations for membrane outwear

Any piece of clothes, even the easiest one to keep, is able to degrade and lose its wonderful and unique qualities. The clothes can get stains, lose air-permeability, thermal conductivity and outer look as a result of long term use. The proper care helps prolong an endurance period of any clothes.

As any clothes, the membrane outwear requires appropriate care. The membrane outwear is expensive, that is why it is very important to prolong its service life for a maximum period. The knowledge of proper care basics for membrane outwear can be useful over here.

Washing of membrane clothes

It is not advisable to wash membrane clothes with help of ordinary washing agents. The typical washing powder blocks membrane cellular structure that leads to loss of its specific qualities. In such case the membrane stops “breathing” – its breathability is decreasing. The same occurs when using fabric softeners and bleaching agents.

You should never wash your membrane clothes in the washing machine, besides you should not presoak or squeeze it out. It also has an adverse effect on the specific qualities of membrane.

Presoaking is not required. As a rule, the dirt or stains can be easily removed with help of hand washing. In order to avoid damages it is advisable to do hand washing at temperature 30-40 degrees. The proper liquid washing agents are advisable to be used when doing hand washing of membrane clothes. Upon washing the clothes should be squeezed out by hand avoiding twisting them.

Do not use the fabric softeners, spot removers or bleaching agents, they may have an adverse effect on the wholeness of membrane.

The frequent washing negatively affects the material quality of membrane clothes, as well as any other clothes. However, it is necessary to wash membrane clothes as often as it may be required in order to remove different stains or dirt, smells of smoke and food.

Drying of membrane clothes

You can just hang a membrane jacket or trousers on clothes hangers in any well-ventilated place in order to dry them out.

Keep away from direct sunlight in order to avoid fading of the upper layer of membrane clothes.

It is not advisable to dry membrane clothes on the radiator.

Special care

You should never iron your membrane clothes, as high temperature may damage fabric structure.